Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Does a student need to be enrolled in Detroit Public Schools Community District in order to participate in Saturday Schoolhouse in the D? 

Even though Saturday Schoolhouse in the D utilizes Detroit Collegiate Prep @ Northwestern High School for its program, students do not need to be enrolled in DPSCD.  All students are welcome!


2.) Is there a cost or fee to enroll a student?

There is no cost or fee for a student to enroll and participate in the Saturday Schoolhouse in the D.  Saturday Schoolhouse is funded and sponsored by the UAW-Ford as one of its viable community programs.


3.) Can a student enroll in more than 1 class?

Students may enroll from 1 – 4 classes.  We encourage students to fully participate in the program from 9am – 1pm.  Our classes are helping to provide opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, group responsibility, sense of community, endurance, diversity and even interpersonal communication skills which also help to reinforce skills and lessons taught in the classroom and in everyday life.

4.) What type of supplies should a student bring?

Students will not need to bring supplies in order to participate in a Saturday Schoolhouse class.  However, they may need to wear or bring clothing appropriate to a particular class.

Swimming – swimsuit, towel, soap
Dance and Zumba – t-shirt, yoga or jogging pants, tennis shoes and socks
Wrestling – gym shoes,sweat pants and tshirt
Mixed Martial Arts - Comfortable clothing such as gym shoes or sweat pants and a t-shirt

5.) How will a parent/guardian be contacted if the program is canceled due to a holiday break, a building problem or inclement weather?

Students, parents and guardians are provided with a calendar listing dates that Saturday Schoolhouse is in session.  If the program is canceled due to a building problem at Detroit Collegiate Prep@ Northwestern or inclement weather, parents will be notified via email and with a notification posted on our website (   Parents may also call 313-915-0352 for information.

Saturday in the D

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